Grow Your Business Online

Why is it so important to advertise your products and services online?

In today's market we can no longer rely on our local customers to support our business. The potential customer that lives right next door to your business is shopping online for the same products or service you provide as you read this article. Why is the customer not finding your business in his search results? Very few people go to the phone book any more when trying to find a business. With the new smart phones you can search for a type of business you are looking for and you will be provided with all the potential business pertaining to your search. Most smart phones will even give you directions. Wouldn't you like your business to be listed in those search results?

Below is an article taken from Entrepreneur Magazine.


"Expand to the Internet. "Bill Gates said that by the end of 2002, there will be only two kinds of businesses: those with an Internet presence, and those with no business at all," notes Sally Falkowa Pasadena, California, Web content strategist. "Perhaps this is overstating the case, but an effective Web site is becoming an integral part of business today."

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